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Welcome to WaveCatcher Player Zone! This is the place to get the latest information about the different happenings in the worlds of WaveCatcher, competition updates and top scores.  This is also a jumping off point for starting or joining WaveCatcher alliances and for talking to friends and enemies.

WaveCatcher hall of fame
Feast your eyes on accomplishments of these fine leaders!
WaveCatcher worlds news
Who attacked whom?  Who made a deal of the millenium?  Who completed their tasks and moved on?  See it all on this page.
Competition rules and results
See how you and/or your peers did in the latest competition round, view the schedule, or read the rules.
WaveCatcher alliances
There's strength in numbers!  Join an existing WaveCatcher alliance or start your own clan!
WaveCatcher message board
Want to find out more about a mysterious benefactor who helped you during the last gaming session?  Need to challenge your neighbor to another battle?  Want to talk to other player about something else?  Do it here, on the WaveCatcher message board!

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