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Look here to get information about changes between different versions of WaveCatcher.

August 12, 2002: WaveCatcher 2.1 released
· Added in-game, context-sensitive tutorials

September 25, 2001: WaveCatcher 2.03 released
· Fixed display problem in spying results window
· Added display of item and technology effects in relevant places

August 25, 2001: WaveCatcher 2.02 released
· Fixed problem with game freezing up during display of 'Negotiate for cell' window
· Reduced frequency of Outlanders' attacks during later stages of the game

July 1, 2001: WaveCatcher 2.01 released
· Fixed problem with game freezing up during display of sponsor message
· Added support for the mousewheel on platforms that natively support it

February 10, 2001: WaveCatcher 2.0 released! Follow this link to download the latest version.
New features
· Completely new, more realistic cell graphics! Take a look.
· New player ranking system is added
· New long-range weapons are introduced: you no longer have to be immediately adjacent to a cell you want to attack. New weapons allow battles to be waged over great distances. Take a look.
· New 'How do I...' context-sensitive help system is introduced. It analyzes your nation's specific situation and gives appropriate advice. Take a look.

Gameplay changes
· Tax rate concept has been added to provide additional Resource Point revenue stream

UI enhancements
· The main game window is now resizable
· Cell size has been increased by 50%
· The old scroller window is replaced by a new message system that displays messages more prominently and allows dismissing them without having to read the complete info
· New larger font is used in UI panels
· Animations of cell and attack graphics
· Chat window can be dismissed automatically immediately after sending a message
· Can now scroll by simply moving the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen (standard RTS game UI)
· Most commands now have keyboard shortcuts
· Colonies are named automatically

July 18, 1999: WaveCatcher 1.1 released
New features
· Now able to explore cells anywhere in the world, not necessarily right next to already explored cells
· Now able to establish 'colonies', i.e. settle anywhere in the world--not necessarily adjacent to your own claimed cells
· Now able to move people from cell to cell even if there is no path of adjacent claimed cells between the origin and destination
· Now can jump to new kinds of locations: in addition to your own named cells, you can select another active player's nation, or even the nation of any other player in the world
· Improved context-sensitive advice during earlier stages of the game to help new players to get started
· Profession assignment panel now includes the option to optimize profession distribution for different goals (e.g. food production, mining, etc.)
· New tutorial scenarios to help new players to get started

Gameplay changes
· Science advancement rate has been changed to be higher when a science is at a lower level and lower when it's at a higher level
· Different kinds of terrain now affect defense strength of a cell: the higher the settlement cost of a cell, the harder it is to attack
· New technolgies that provide additional defense during battles, but not attack strength

UI enhancements
· Clicking on notifications of events scrolling at the bottom of the screen (e.g. riots, epidemics, cells claimed by other nations, etc.), automatically scrolls the cell where event has occured into view
· Right-clicking on a cell centers the cell in window
· Science assignment panel explicitly shows advancement level for selected science
· Encyclopedia panel now shows effects of terrain on defense strength of a cell (see above)
· Advisor panels have been changed to allow easier access to all of the info
· Latest chat message displayed on main screen for a period of time

Bug fixes
· Crashes on startup when bounding area of explored cells is large (greater than 50 rows by 60 columns)
· Greatly improved reliability of saving status of large nations
· Miscellaneous small bug fixes

April 3, 1999: WaveCatcher 1.01 released
· Small bug fixes and usability enhancements

December 15, 1998: WaveCatcher 1.0 released
· This is the first official version of WaveCatcher for Windows

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