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WaveCatcher Tutorial:

"....When you finally open your eyes, you find yourself in a small clearing among unusually colored plants. Unfamiliar, but soothing sounds come from somewhere in the distance. All is still, until suddenly you notice movement out of the corner of your eye. As you turn in that direction, you freeze, startled. At the edge of the clearing, some distance away is a group of people...."

Thus begins your adventure in the worlds of WaveCatcher...

WaveCatcher is a richly detailed strategy game that requires interaction with all aspects of your nation, in addition to those of your neighbors' and every other on-line player.  This level of detail requires a minor learning curve before becoming a highly skilled leader, but we’ve tried to make the interface and feedback as intuitive as possible to minimize the confusion.  So until you are experienced enough to build a quick and massive empire, use the following steps to get you up and running.

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