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Where to Settle

Tendril Jungle is a harsh environment, but it is rich in vegetation, so it makes for some good farming terrain; however, a dense Fibrous plain would be even better. So if you were not lucky enough to start off on either of these, let's explore around a little to find something better.

Click on the empty cells around you to explore your surroundings. (This will cost a few RPís for each click to pay for the scouting costs, but you should start off with enough, so don't worry.) The ideal area would be farmland with some nearby mining cells. The pictures on the right show you what those might look like. Look for areas like that and put your farmers and miners there

Fibrous terrain - great for farming! Thorn forest - try putting miners here.

In general, the best way to look for good land to settle on is by viewing the terrain attributes. That's the panel below, and it will show you bar graphs of the Farming Potential, Resource Potential, and Settlement Costs of the selected cell.

The Farming "F" graph tells you how fertile the land will be, while the Resource "R" graph gives you an idea of how much raw material can be mined in the selected cell. The Settlement "S" graph is how many additional RPís it costs for your tribe to exist in the harsher terrains, and explains why trying to move your tribe to the middle of a pool of deep gel might not be the wisest decision.

If you do find a nearby cell that looks a little more promising, we'll pick up camp and relocate over there. (Try not to go too far since it will cost RPís to move. Maybe three or four cells away.) If you are currently sitting in a pretty nice spot, congratulations! You're ready to move on to mining and can skip ahead a paragraph or two.

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