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When you start a new player, you will be given a single cell with a small tribe, food, and some resource points (RP’s). This buys you enough time to get settled and start building. The first task will be to click the "Professions" button and shift your professions around.

Professions Button Scientists and Soldiers will be necessary later on, but they won’t help you much right off the bat, so turn them into farmers for now. Don’t forget to keep a couple Healers around to keep morale up. This will increase your workers’ productivity.

Now that you have your professions straight, you are ready to build and expand your tribe. The problem is finding the right place to build. You will need to start farming and mining right away to keep your food up and make some money, and for that you need some good terrain. Just because you were dropped into the middle of a Bog or something doesn’t mean you need to stay. Let’s look at our current terrain and see if we can find a better one.

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