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Moving the Tribe

Once you decide on a cell you like, you have to claim it for your tribe. This is simple: just select the cell and then click the button like the one shown on the left (or hit 'C' on the keyboard). This will claim that cell. If there are any cells already belonging to your tribe right next to this new cell, then one member of each profession from all of the surrounding cells will move to the new cell.

Note, that you don't have to claim cells immediately adjacent to your existing cells. Cells that aren't, are called 'colonies' and are almost exactly the same as all the other cells in your nation. The only difference is that travel to the colonies from the 'mainland' and back takes a little longer....

So, to move people to a new cell, select the origin cell, then press the "Move" button, shown on the left (or hit 'M' on the keyboard). The panel below is what you will see when you do that.

Tip: You can move people from multiple cells all at once by selecting multiple cells. To do that, select the one cell, then select additional cells while holding down the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard.

Here you can select some or all of the professions to caravan to a destination cell. After selecting who should move, you can click any cell within your domain as the destination and press the "Done" button to send them on their way. You will see the path that they will take highlighted, and be given an audio cue when they arrive.

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