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The worlds are vast.  The landscape is alien.  And the leaders all are dead.   Welcome to the realm of WaveCatcher, the perpetual multi-player online game of strategy, diplomacy, and conquest.  This is a place where hundreds of players from around the world cooperate and compete in a massively multi-player game that continues to evolve, even while you sleep.

What kind of a game is it?
WaveCatcher resurrects you in a strange alien world where you find yourself a newly appointed leader of a small tribe. You need to lead it on its road to being a great empire and an advanced civilization.  WaveCatcher was designed from the ground up to be a massively multi-player Internet and Web game.  This means that you don't just play with or against four or eight other players, but are instead immersed in a persistent world where thousands of other players lead their own empires and civilizations in trying to achieve various objectives.  Any number of these multiple players may be present in the game at once.

WaveCatcher isn't exactly either a real-time or a turn-based strategy game.  Nor is it a MUD or a play-by-mail game.  Instead it borrows from all of these approaches to make the game as flexible and challenging as possible.   Events happen in real time and players don't have to wait their turn to take action affecting their empires (or even those of other players).  On the other hand, certain critical parts of the game (e.g. some of the fighting activity) is synchronized among players to make the game more playable.  And, if you need to take a breather from the responsibility of building an advanced civilization, you can pause it or even log off altogether.

How much does it cost?
That's the best part--well, almost... The game is FREE!!! If you so choose, you don't have to pay anything, and just click on our sponsors' ads, which will occasionally appear while you play. When you get tired of the banner ads and decide to register, WaveCatcher still represents what we believe is a great deal in today's world of online gaming: you get to name your price! Whatever price you choose, once you register, you get unlimited play time!  There are no setup fees, no monthly charges, no hidden 'premium membership' charges.  Just follow the download link to get the fully playable version of the game and find out for yourself!
Plan your strategy in the multi-player online game WaveCatcher


  WaveCatcher: Strategy multi-player online game of epic proportions What else is WaveCatcher about?
You may take a break from reigning over your region for the night, only to wake up finding it near collapse because of attacks of conniving neighbors.  Should have strengthened those defenses on the left flank like your clan members told you to....

Safeguards prevent new players from being annihilated while learning the ropes, but once you are seasoned, you'd better make sure your neighbors are happy (or helpless) before leaving your nation unattended.

The worlds that you inhabit are strange and harsh, where prosperity is not measured by currency alone.  The landscapes are littered with forests of deadly thorns and thick swamps.

Some players are fortunate enough to claim vast deposits of resources, but those may not always be enough.  Perhaps the one they truly need can be found only in your mining fields.  Will you develop alliances in exchange for goods and knowledge, or chuckle quietly as they sink into oblivion?

Once inside your home borders again, you can dictate the direction of mining and trade as you interact with the vast global economy, stitched together by the business dealings of the other player nations.  Turn a tidy profit by mining resources and building items for sale on the Global Market, or use them in alliance dealings with other tribes.  Bribery and extortion are encouraged as valid strategy on your path to domination.

If financial influence doesn't get what you need, turn to the Intelligence community.   Creating a local spy network will ensure that you stay atop your neighbor’s actions.  Global espionage allows you to reach out and touch those that may be far removed from your borders.
Plan war and economy strategy for your empire in this challenging multi-player simulation game


Advanced empire-building isn't cheap or free: plan your science strategy accordingly The final door to domination:  Science.  Implement technologies and inventions that will improve your abilities to farm, mine, and devastate.  A complex web of discovery and research provides an enormous domain of possibilities.  Some technologies are worthless without the right resources, some resources are unreachable without the right technologies.


  Talk is cheap: chat about strategy or plan clans and alliances with other players

Chat and interact with other players online while hammering out trade and partnerships, or send messages to leaders who are currently away from their post. It is often considered poor form to demolish opponent’s forces without at least leaving a note or calling card.

In the end, one question remains: Who's done this to you?  Though allies and enemies, you all share one commonality: None of you chose this existence, and there is certainly no way out.  Each day you must embrace the grim and inevitable truth of this new alien life:  "You've been caught..."

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