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Here are some of the most common questions we've been asked about how to play WaveCatcher.  We hope they are helpful; please let us know if you think there's a 'must have' question we missed.

1. What do I have to do to win?

Objectives button

If you press your Objectives button it will display a list of all objectives you must complete, your current score, and how well you are doing on each objective, as well as your time limit to do so.

2. What happens when I win?
Once you have completed your objectives you have the choice of either continuing to build your nation or exiting and choosing a new scenario to attempt.

3. What happens if I don't win?
You will have the same choices as if you win, but your score cannot improve past what you finished with.

4. My people are rioting, what is the problem?
The morale of your people is low, and when they aren't happy long enough they will riot. Riots will drop population growth rates and productivity level of people in the cell. If the morale stays low in surrounding cells, the riots can spread. If you increase the percentage of healers in a cell it should raise the morale and keep people from rioting. Once you have a riot though, it's often necessary to move in soldiers to contain it.

5. It says my people are starving, what do I do?
This means that you do not have enough food for everyone. Farmers are essential to the survival of your nation. They provide food, and that keeps everyone happy. Make more farmers and until your have positive food production, purchase food from the global market.

6. It says that I do not have sufficient Resource Points to explore a cell. What are Resource Points and how do I get them?
Resource Points or RPs are the currency of WaveCatcher. Getting RPs is a two-fold system. First your must have miners mining scrap (there is scrap in all cells, some have more than others; you'll have to experiment to see which is best) and then have producers turn that scrap into RPs. On your graph there are two lines, green (scrap) and white (RPs); when green is going up or down, and you still don't have enough money, then you need producers, if green is flat (at 0), then you don't have enough miners and your producers don't have anything to work on.

7. How do I access the global market, and how does it work?

Global market button To enter the global market, press the Global market button. Once there you will get a list of everything for sale. To purchase something first click the item you wish to buy, then turn your attention to the three boxes at the bottom: Amount, Offer, Limit.

Amount- How many of this item do you wish to buy; default is all for sale
Offer- How much do you wish to offer for this item.
Limit- How high will you go for this item.

In order for your purchase to be successful your limit must be not too much lower than the asking price. In the box that lists the item there is a number after it; that is the asking price. If the seller has iron for sale at .4 a unit, and you offer him .1 with a limit of .37 you may be successful. But if you offer him .25 with a limit of .45 you will probably get it.

8. A cyclone has wiped out my food and/or caused an unexpected loss of RPs.   What is that, and what can I do?
These type of events are random events created to keep large nations in check. Every once in a while you will encounter a random event and you will lose around 9% of your current RPs/Food units. What can you do? Short of paying off the creator... not too much, just sit tight and you'll make it through.

9. Who/What are the Outlanders?
The Outlanders are the lawless natives of this planet who will appear at most inopportune moments and strike at your weakest cells. They can colonize any cell that you can, and can appear at any time in any size numbers (though usually not more than you can handle). Occasionally they will swarm a part of your nation, and there isn't much you can do besides try to fight back and destroy them.

10. Why are my spies/saboteurs always getting caught?
The act of spying or sabotaging someone (not considered friendly and impossible to do by accident) is based on your DP (the brown number on your graph). You get 10 DP (Diplomacy Points) a cycle, and you get them when you trade. You get 10% of the RP value of your trade in DP. So if you by 25000 RP worth of food on the market, you get 2500 DP. People with low DP will not have any luck spying/sab'ing someone of high DP.

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