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Food Production and Morale

Now that you have some nice farmland, take a look at your graphs in the upper left corner of the screen. This is where you will gain most of your feedback on the economy of your tribe. Here we can find the total number of resource points, food, and population of your entire nation. The graphs, however, relate to the rate of change of these items instead of the total amount. This is useful to determine if your food production is on the rise or decline.

Take a look at the food graph now (the red line) to see if your tribe is farming more than it is eating. If the food graph is moving downwards, you had better change your profession ratios to increase your farmers. (The graphs are color-coded to match the numbers on the left.)

cell_morale.gif (4527 bytes) You should also check the morale in your farming cell to ensure that it is not in the red. If it is, simply add one or two healers to the cell's population.  This will improve morale, which in turn should increase productivity enough to boost your food production.  Make the changes and then sit back to watch the results in the graph.   It should only be a few ticks before the food graph starts rising again.

It is important to keep morale up in all of your cells, not just the farming cells. For example, miners, like farmers are more productive, the higher their moral is. Effectiveness of other professions isn't directly linked to their morale, but unhappy people have a tendency to riot, making your life as their leader a lot harder than it could be. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for morale level of 75% or higher.

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