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Competition rules

Each competition will consist of two to three rounds of gameplay, conducted at specified times with specified scenarios. Anyone can join the first round of any competition, but only a group of top people from each round will be allowed to move on to the next one. The top scores from every round as well as a full history of all competitions will be posted and kept on our site so that your bragging rights will be assured!


The basis for the competition scoring system will be the score towards the scenario goal, in the range of 0 - 100%, as shown in the ‘Score’ panel in the game.

Bonus points will be added to the basic score for players’ progress in each of the metrics indicating a nation’s status. These will be calculated as follows:

All numbers are based on the amounts available to the nation at the end of each competition round.

For example, a player with the goal score of 80%, 30000 diplomacy points, 1200000 resource points, 750000 units of food, and 6000000 units of scrap will have the score of:

80 + 30000/10000 + 1200000/75000 + 750000/100000 + 6000000/200000 = 80 + 3 + 16 + 7.5 + 20 = 126.5 total points

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