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Beyond the Basics

The final ingredient for a growing tribe is research. As your population increases, you may reach a global population size that makes it harder for your farmers and miners/producers to feed and pay everyone. To relieve the stress on your workers, you can use science to discover technologies and items that will aid your tribe in its production and growth. By establishing a base of scientists in some cells, you can assign them to various fields of science in the Global Science section by clicking the "Global" button and the "Science" tab. Cell with science (3610 bytes)

Like most research projects, it's not always obvious on which fields to concentrate first and which will give you the results you are looking for. As a general rule, however, improvements in agriculture and geology can assist in farming and mining. Also, you may want to devote a few scientists to research medical areas to prevent disease from spreading through your tribe. If you do discover a technology, you can implement it by clicking the "Global" button and "Technologies" tab.

Cell with special resources Items that you discover will need to be built in a selected cell, and usually require certain special resources. Your people look for these special resources as soon as they claim new cells.   Once found, a small green gem icon will display in the cell.  You can then mine them by assigning miners to them by clicking the "Mine Resources" button.  You can also go shopping for special resources in the global market by clicking the "Purchase Goods from Global Market" button. Mining and market buttons

Ready to Go
And that's it! You should now know enough to get your tribe healthy and wealthy. If you still find yourself confused about a certain subject, look around to one of your neighbors who is on-line and send them a message. Most should be willing to help out. WaveCatcher is a real-time game, and can move rather quickly, but in no time you will feel comfortable enough to direct your tribe to new heights. Finally, several people have put together their own pages dedicated to WaveCatcher, with a wealth of their own insights and strategies that you will certainly find very helpful. Check them out on our
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Jump right in and get started!


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